Announcement - 公告: We are now blocked by GFW and removed from WIKI by the "Chinese".

Written by Hong Kong Linux User Group on 2016-06-29 05:50.

Congratulation! It is our pleasure that the website of HKLUG is now blocked by the GFW, China, and the information on WIKI was removed by the "Chinese" because we are a "new" organisation and not "well-known" in "China". HKLUG was founded at 1997 in Hong Kong, which is aimed to gather GNU/Linux and Free/Opensource software(F/OSS) users or developers in Hong Kong, providing chances for them to exchange experience on GNU/Linux and F/OSS, helping new users, promoting F/OSS in Hong Kong and acting as a connection point of all the F/OSS users, developers and organization or community from overseas; in order to help the GNU/Linux and F/OSS Community. We are happy that we could receive this kind of nice present from our good neighbour to celebrate our 19th Anniversary. Thanks China. Your present is a credit of our works and is the energy source of our actions to promote the "Free(dom), and Open" culture on not only programming but also living.

HKPyUG Meetup – Aug 2017

Written by Sammy Fung (Open Source Hong Kong) on 2017-08-03 15:04:16.

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Open Source Hong Kong - HKPyUG Meetup – Aug 2017

Hong Kong Python User Group will organise a meetup on 14 Aug. Adrian will share a topic about python for