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What is HKLUG

Hong Kong Linux User Group (HKLUG) is a non-profit organization by Hong Kong GNU/Linux lovers. It is aimed to gather GNU/Linux and Free/Opensource software(F/OSS) users or developers in Hong Kong, providing chances for them to exchange experience on GNU/Linux and F/OSS, helping new users, promoting F/OSS in Hong Kong and acting as a connection point of all the F/OSS users, developers and organization or community from overseas; in order to help the GNU/Linux and F/OSS Community. HKLUG is Hong Kong Registered Society No. 21299 under Societies Ordinance.

Please keep in touch on our Facebook Group.


香港Linux用家協會(Hong Kong Linux User Group, HKLUG)是一個由香港 GNU/Linux 及自由或開源軟體(F/OSS)愛好者組成的非牟利組織,旨在聚集香港各GNU/Linux及F/OSS用家及開發者,提供機會互相交流 GNU/Linux及F/OSS 上的經驗,協助各新手,推廣GNU/Linux及F/OSS在香港的應用,以及充當香港F/OSS用戶和開發者,與世界各地F/OSS用家、開發者及組織的溝通橋樑, 以助整個 GNU/Linux與及F/OSS界的發展。HKLUG為香港註冊社團編號21299。

歡迎各位到我們的 Facebook Group 參與討論。

Contact - 聯繫

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You may now find us on Facebook and Google Group.

現在各位可以在Facebook和Google Group找到我們。

info at liunx dot org dot hk