OpenSourceHK.Hack.03 Hackathon @ The Loft

Written by sammyfung (Open Source Hong Kong) on 2014-06-18 03:49:55.

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Open Source Hong Kong - OpenSourceHK.Hack.03 Hackathon @ The Loft

Coders and non-coders are all welcome, pre-registration is recommended.

Fee: HK$150/head including venue charge and some foods and drinks.
Capacity: 5-15

The Loft is our venue sponsor of OpenSourceHK.Hack.01 and Hack.02 Hackathon for special venue charge.


  • Pitching ideas and forming into teams.
  • Develop any ideas with use of open source, open data, open technology, developing a open source project is suggested.
  • Introduction of venue sponsor.
  • Team/project presentation working at this hackathon.

Follow up Projects:

  • Open Voting

New project ideas are welcome to purpose and form your teams.

Languages: Cantonese / English

We also call for food & beverage sponsorship or other donation.