OpenSource.HK Monthly Talks (2014.07)

Written by sammyfung (Open Source Hong Kong) on 2014-06-24 07:22:06.

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Open Source Hong Kong - OpenSource.HK Monthly Talks (2014.07)

2014.07.05 Saturday 14:00-17:30 at CItyU Y5302.


  1. Python, Web Scraping and Content Management: Scrapy and Django (Sammy Fung) (40 mins)
  2. MySQL in web scaling and big data (Ivan Ma) (40 mins)
  3. Introduction to RESTful API design (Triton Ho) (40 mins)
  4. Intro to Meteor - the Future Web Platform (Daniel Chcouri) (30mins)
  5. and any other topics will be included.