OpenSource.HK Workshop (2014.08)

Written by sammyfung (Open Source Hong Kong) on 2014-06-24 08:20:19.

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Open Source Hong Kong - OpenSource.HK Workshop (2014.08)

2014.08.02 Sat 14:00-17:30 at CityU G4-701 (Capacity: 40)

Schedule / 內容:

  1. Developing Multiplayer Pong Game with (Daniel Chcouri) (40 mins) (English)
  2. MySQL with big data: How memcache is used with MySQL innodb and the MySQL Cluster (Ivan Ma)
    (40 mins)
  3. 台灣最大型開源年會 COSCUP 2014 會後分享 (由眾 COSCUP香港出席者分享: Sammy Fung, Dick Tang, Calvin Tsang, WanLeung Wong, Ivan Ma) (40 mins) (廣東話 Cantonese)
  4. and any other topics will be included. 還有更多內容